Saturday, October 4, 2014

My first attempt at Cult Party Kei

Let me start with assuring you that Cult Party Kei is not a cult! It's a sister style of mori, one that I'd like to do a post on soon. Have you heard of it before? :) 

Cult Party, when you search it on google, pretty much looks like the pastel version of mori, with a splash of lolita. Of course, as there are many interpretations of each style and genres within themselves, so that's not always what it looks like. I recently went to a meet-up with my university's J-Fashion group to a cream puff pastry cafe and tried out cult party for the first time! The interpretation I took on is closer to the designer Etsuna Otskua's style. I thought I'd share with you my outfit and give a rundown ^^

Blouse: Thrifted
Jacket: Myeongdong in Seoul
Skirt: Axes femme
Overskirt: Etsuna Otsuka
Socks: Ebay and Target
Shoes: Angelic Imprint
Purse: Little thing

Unfortunately, the shoes were a size too big. It's strange because I ordered a lace-up pair of platform shoes from Angelic Imprint in size 37, but they felt just a size too big, so this time I ordered my platform sandals in 36 (I'm usually US size 6). I'm sure it's because they're sandals, so they fit differently. However, the strap broke three times the first day I bought it! The strap was only secured by a snap... Considering these were very cheap shoes, I'm not upset, but I think I'll be taking them to our local shoe doctor to get the strap more securely fastened. I would still buy from Angelic Imprint, just probably not sandals.

This outfit made me really happy to wear, because I felt so comfortable in it! I do love mori, but it is while it is very comfortable and laid-back, my own personal style preference tends to be a little more.. high fashion? I don't quite know how to express it! 

I'm hoping to buy more cult party pieces and try it out again. ^^ Do you think you'd want to try out cult party? Or have you already?

Yours truly,

Miss Kellie

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