Friday, October 24, 2014

Grimoire Celestial Closet { UNBOXING } .。.:*・°☆

My dear ethereal astronauts,

About a month ago, I made my first purchase from Grimoire! Grimoire is a popular J-Fashion brand amongst dolly kei, cult party kei, and some mori wearers in Japan. However, their Verum tights are famous across a broader range of J-Fashion keis, especially with lolita. What I really love about their tights is that they're printed knowing that the design will be stretched. I feel like cheaper quality tights and OTKs don't do this, but the tights I bought from Grimoire didn't have a stretched design, even though my legs are fairly thick.

Here are some tights from their website:

Wonderful Parade Toile

Blanc et Noir


Collection du Papillon

You can also purchase some replicas here: (Use my discount code misskellie for 10% off!)


Besides tights, Grimoire mostly re-sells vintage clothing. Celestial Closet is their first original clothing line, and I was one of the first in line to pre-order the Astronomy Map dress and Brilliant Swan tights!
White Astronomy Map Dress

Brilliant Swan tights
I'm SO happy with my purchases and pleasantly surprised about the high quality! The dress material is quite soft and is WAY better than the cheap F21 quality I've been conditioned to expect. I can't wait to buy from Grimoire again! I really wanted the necklace from the Celestial Closet line, but it was way more than I wanted to pay for a piece of jewelry..

I'm working on putting together a full coord for this dress and when I finish I'll make a better outfit video! I really want it to be fantasy-like and whimsical. Please look forward to that video sometime during November!

Yours truly,
Miss Kellie (from a galaxy far, far away) .。.:*・°☆


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