Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mori Kei Sister Styles Series: Dolly Kei

Reminder that that these are my personal observations on each style and I do not claim that these are the definite definitions. Also this is coming from the perspective of a mori girl, so please keep that in mind as you enjoy this series. ^^

Dolly kei

"Whimsical half-sister"

Key terms for dolly kei will be vintage, fairy tale, bohemian, folk, and "gypsy," (I really don't know if this word is offensive or not, I've heard conflicting arguments >< So if it is, I apologize!) depending on how you prefer to wear your dolly kei.

The great thing about dolly kei is that it's even more flexible than mori. More colors, more fabrics, more patterns, and more shapes and styles of dress. There really isn't a set color scheme, so long as it has the fairytale or vintage feel!

Dolly kei is also a fantastic way for someone transitioning to mori from classic lolita or even the opposite. Feel free to break out your corsets and petticoats! TIP: An easy way to make a dolly kei outfit is by crossing over mori and lolita.

Closer to dolly x cult party or mori 
Closer to dolly x lolita

HAVE FUN TRYING IT OUT! I know I certainly want to. I've also seen a lot of dolly kei "for the office" that I could wear when I teach! Wow!

Miss Kellie

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