Saturday, October 18, 2014

Harajuku-Style Mori Coord

Hullo everyone!

I've recently put this coord together for a bubble tea meet-up. It's slightly different from what I actually wore there, accessories-wise. Most of my mori outfits are the harajuku style (primarily lace and off-whites) because I love all of the antique/vintage keis, but I also want to broaden my spectrum to include more traditional mori style coords. I think on my next taobao purchase, I will buy some items for a more "practical" forest girl look! 

In the meantime, please enjoy my outfit snaps ^^ There were many layers, so bear with me! (also please excuse my tired face)

Under-dress: taobao
Skirt: taobao
Blouse: Buffalo Exchange (second hand)
Vest: second hand
Outer vest: taobao
Scarf: taobao
Gold bow: etsy
Heart pin: Great-Grandmother's
Purse: Great Aunt's
Totoro: Local toy shop
Beads: Grandmother's
Flower brooch: craft store
Shoes: Angelic imprint, customized
Socks: Ebay
Tights: F21
Ring: Second hand
Hair clip: Anthropologie

...still trying to figure out my camera settings and what works best for outfit snaps.. sigh ><

Until next time,
Miss Kellie


  1. So So beautiful!! I love your style, so elegant!!

    恵美より ♥

  2. I'm in love with this outfit! It looks fabu on you :D

  3. Kyya~! I want everything you're wearing!!

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