Friday, October 10, 2014

Harajuku Shop: Mori picks for Autumn

Hello everyone ♡

I have another exciting announcement.. I have my first sponsor!

Harajuku Fashion & Fashion Store

I will be doing a small feature on some mori picks I found from my sponsor's storenvy site to get you excited for the upcoming fall season! The best part is... if you use my code, misskellie, you get 10% off storewide! Wow!

 It's not quite autumn yet in Texas, since it's still usually pretty hot, sadly.. ;; Is it autumn where you live yet?


Finally, we mori girls get to layer again! Summer is quite a killer for forest girls, since layering is one of the main aesthetics of mori kei. I really recommend getting a long-sleeve peter pan collared blouse, because the lace collar design will peep through whatever you put on top of it. This piece will also carry you into the winter! Also, feel free to continue wearing short-sleeved shirts. Just put a long-sleeve underneath it and keep layering over it. 

I'm actually quite proud of myself, because I've lately been trying out natural kei, and not just lacey mori. These navy and red shirts will do perfectly ^^ !


Wether it's plain with patches or cutely embroidered, sweaters and cardigans are the way to go! The great thing about these two is that they're lovely for layering and perfectly applicable to non-mori or non-natural kei. You can wear them with you.. *whispers*... normal clothes.

(Shorter) knit sweater
Patched knit sweater
Autumn knit sweater


It's a good idea to have a lighter jacket (like the cape below) and something a bit warmer. Autumn can be unpredictable (especially in texas), since it's transitioning between hot and cold days. The cape here would be a great mori piece, while the other two are closer suited to natural kei, but that doesn't mean you can't crossover!

Cat(fish) lace hooded jacket
Lace hooded embroidery cape
Fishy hooded jacket


Boots are a must for fall, for really any style! They're especially useful to mori girls who like to trek in the fallen leaf-covered forest. Tights are also a great way to keep warm during the cooler seasons. These are actually replicas from Grimoire, a popular Japanese dolly kei brand! 
(Also this owl is just the cutest thing, for really any season)

Grimoire replica tights

I hope you enjoyed the items I have to share! This shop also sells fairy kei and harajuku style items, so please take a look at what else they have to offer. I really appreciate the support!

Talk to you soon ^^
Miss Kellie

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