Friday, April 11, 2014

Mori Kei Sister Styles Series: Dark Mori

Since I've been inactive recently due to my busy school life, I thought I'd take some time to make something special for you! A guide to a few of mori kei's main sister and cousin styles! This will be in several parts, one post per kei. I'll make sure to update each post with links to the others as I go along.

Due to past experiences with my blog posts, I will make sure to remind you that these are my personal observations on each style and I do not claim that these are the definite definitions. Also this is coming from the perspective of a mori girl, so please keep that in mind as you enjoy this series. ^^

Dark mori

"The 'evil' twin sister"

{ Can be found lurking in the depths of a dead forest }

   While dark mori girls aren't necessarily evil, they definitely have a dark style! The pieces are mostly exactly the same as mori and the same layering concept is implemented: lots of layers, lots of lace. However..

   The main and huge difference is the color scheme! While mori kei's color scheme is typically off-white, beiges, then browns, the dark mori color scheme is black, dark gray, browns, then other earth tones with the occasional beige or white. While it's difficult to stay strictly mori kei with earth tones without venturing into natural kei, dark mori can easily have earthy greens, brick reds, and rich violets while still staying within the genre.


  1. oh my glob its so beautiful (*A*)

  2. hey! have you tried talking about Shironuri Kei yet? It's such a cool style and it feels very close to mori and dark mori kei.

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