Saturday, February 15, 2014

Miss Kellie bakes Kitties!

No kitties were harmed in the making of these cookies! ^ㅅ^ =

Firstly, pick out your favorite sugar cookie recipe. I used the Martha Steward basic recipe I've been using since I could bake! I also used a simple cat shaped cookie cutter I found on ebay. 

As you can see, I decorated some of the bare ones with a toothpick. These will be perfect for tea-dunking. Next time I want to brush some egg whites over the surfaces and sprinkle some sugar crystals over the surfaces. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed in myself for not thinking of it this time; I even have lavender colored sugar sprinkles, which would've been perfect!

This was a pretty basic cookie to make.. but it was my first time using royal icing.. and I had no piping bag or tips! Instead I just used a plastic bag and it worked fine, but I can tell that if I want to improve my craftsmanship, I really need to upgrade and buy some tips and bags (my icing job is not super cute..)

This is the recipe I used for the icing. Strangely, when the peachy pink colored icings hardened, there was some sort of discolored or faded spots in a few places that I didn't notice while icing the cookies. I'm still not sure why..

I had a great experience making these and I hope to do it again so I can try out new techniques! I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos of my cookie adventure ^^

Yours truly,
Miss Kellie

P.S.: Do you have a royal icing recipe you like?

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  1. These are so cutee!! I love the pastel colours and the kitty shapes! Especially love the criss-cross pattern you did on some of them, looks so pro!
    I've struggled with Royal icing too! (T_T) Something about the lemon separating from the eggs separating? Or maybe it was the amount of red dye you used to tint the icing? I wish I could help!! Keep trying though! I'm sure they tasted yummy! ^.^

    -- Anie <3 from Anie, Inspired