Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Polly Frances Elizabeth { mushroom necklace review for mori girls }

Recently I gave you a sneak peak at the necklace Polly sent me to review in my Mori Vlog 2. ^^

Now, I'm reviewing it!


Polly Frances Elizabeth is a artist and designer of whimsical and nature-inspired accessories, jewelry, and artworks. Everything in Polly's shop is handmade by her and she also takes custom orders!


Polly's lived near nature for most of her life, so it heavily inspires her work, along with fairy tales, folk art, and fantasy. She's a forest girl at heart, just like us! You can also follow her also blog here, where she talks about her adventures; crafts; mori, dolly, and natural kei fashions; and many other similar topics.


I was given a beautiful wood slice necklace, hand painted with a mushroom. They are about $12.16 in USD, which is very reasonable for a hand made and painted piece of jewelry. Here are some of her other pendants: 


I am very impressed with the whimsical design, as well as the craftsmanship. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that even though I played in the rain while wearing it, the design wasn't damaged because of the varnish covering it.

I also liked that the cord is durable and seems sturdy. I feel like a lot of indie jewelry designers will have a really cute handmade pendant, but put it on a chain that doesn't quite fit with the design. Polly's necklaces have a consistent feel throughout of being something a forest girl would actually make herself and wear. 

All of her items have that beautiful handmade quality to them that only comes from a person who's really passionate about what they're doing. I would definitely order from her another time. There are several items in her shop I have my eye on, so I'll have to snatch them up soon before anyone else does! (๑>ᴗ<๑) hehe


Polly is also a total sweetheart and has given me an exclusive code for my readers! If you use the code misskellie when you order, you can receive a 15% discount! The code will expire December 20th, so you have enough time to order your Christmas gifts with the discount. 

Thank you so much, Polly! I had a lot of fun taking photos and reviewing your necklace! I can't wait to own more of your beautiful pieces. ♡

Much love to my followers,

Miss Kellie


Youtube (I really recommend mori girls to follow her youtube! It's lovely ^^)

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