Sunday, May 25, 2014

Walnut Creek: First summer mori coord

Yesterday, I went with a few of the local mori girls to a huge park! Well, in our minds, it was an enchanted forest. I posted a video on instagram (for some reason, embedding isn't working) of peering over the edge down into the creek.. The first time I looked down I kept thinking, "Where's the bottom??

Blouse & Dress & Glasses: Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange
Under-dress: Taobao
Tights: Ebay
Socks: My mom's
Shoes: Keen
Neclace: Late grandmother's
Bow: Handmade by me

Mia and I posed for some Harajuku-styled street snaps! Overall, I was fairly satisfied with my outfit because it kept me cool and had a new look to it that I hadn't tried yet; more summer-y, playful, and almost childish. 

I'm a little disappointed in the coord for a few reasons. For one, I think the first time I put this coord together it fit me better; for some reason now, it looks too frumpy in the wrong places. But maybe that's just because I've seen it for two wearings and now looking at the photos, I'm seeing all the flaws. Maybe it's just because I usually have something over that dress and the seam falls on my hips (awkward).

Also I really want to tea-dye my socks because they're all too light for the shades of lace I usually wear, which is cream and beige. Same problem with my tights; I felt they were too white. I got them off ebay and I think there is a Grimoire original of them which is more beige, so these are probably a knock-off. I'm not sure though. 

So that's something to try and work on for next time! 

Also Emile (our resident actual real life forest child who's awesome) is dressed in natural kei next to Mia in mori, so you can really see the distinction in styles! And yes, Emile has reached ultimate mori level and has taken on flower form. ❀

Hope you enjoyed this photoshoot in the woods! ^___^ 


Miss Kellie


  1. I thought your coord was phenomenal! I think it really suited you :)

    I know what you mean about the stark white - I wish I had more cream pieces!

  2. so pretty dresses and photos <3 i love how atmospheric can mori fashion be and it looks so nice on you!