Saturday, December 20, 2014

First Dolly Kei Coord:: Grimoire Astronomy Dress

Two ways I wore my Grimoire Astronomy Map dress

This was my first big purchase for J-Fashion, so I wanted to make sure I was happy with the dress in a full coord. This was also my first "official" dolly kei coord, but I almost felt like I could've fit in with the Grimoire staff! 
If you don't know what dolly kei is, I wrote a post a while back about it here.

I wore this to my university's j-fashion club meeting for International Lolita Day at a local British tea shop!

Collar: Dearli
Tights: Grimoire replica
Shoes: Angelic Imprint (taobao)
Cardigan: My mom's
Purse: Vivienne Westwood knock-off
Bow brooch: Storenvy

This was the second coord I wore with this dress at my local lolita community's Christmas party!

Wig: Dreamholics
Cape: Dearli
Tights: Grimoire Brilliant Swan tights
Headbow & Shoes: Taobao offbrand
Purse: Vivienne Westwood knock-off

I wore several ear cuffs and clip-ons
since my ears aren't pierced.

Japanese Street Fashion Club group photo!
Me and my lovely friend Ann~ She should be a model for BBTSB!

I hope you enjoyed my first dolly kei coords! Have you tried dolly before?
Miss Kellie


  1. very cute post. I love your dress it looks so good on you :)
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  2. aww your and your friend's outfit coord is so pretty! love!
    just wanna can u order from taobao?meh.i want to order but i can read chinese ~

  3. You look so cute with this outfits! Colar are so cute and dresses are really beautiful *^* awwwww so pretty >w<

    I'm new reader here!
    Maybe we can follow each other?
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  4. you're so cute!
    mind following me back?

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